I started building out this site (stevearnoldphoto.com) in a bit more depth a couple of days ago and I realised something really interesting.

That I can essentially create my own stock photo website.

I’ve never actively sold photos on my own site this way before.

But with the system I’m using now and the relatively short amount of time it allows me to set it up in – I figured why not?

The system allows me to create individual galleries and collections and set my own pricing variations based on download size and license type (commercial, personal etc).

Payments are received directly into my PayPal account with no other commissions or fees to pay.

And the client can download the image automatically after they pay, with no other involvement needed from me.

“Ok that’s great Steve, why are you telling me this?”

Good question…

As of last month, one of the perks of joining my Photo Mastery Club is that I’ll build and host a brand new photography website for you at no extra cost.

A site that uses the exact framework I’m using to build my own, which means you too can have your very own stock website.

Or if you want to combine selling stock with having a blog, selling prints, advertising your services, or simply sharing your photos with family and friends, then you can do that too.

Photo Mastery Club registration is currently open (we’ve been closed to new members for the last month).

So if you like the sound of having your very own website to sell your photos from like this, then click here now to become a member.