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Today is a special day – my dog Archer turns 3 years old!

We don’t have kids, so Sonia and I have been known to go a little overboard treating Archer like one.

Yesterday we tried baking him some pup-cakes (cup cakes for dogs lol).

The cake part went ok, but frosting it was another story.

We set out to create something beautiful and decorative…

After multiple attempts, broken piping bags, trips back to the store for new supplies, we decided our best effort would be the “big messy blob of frosting” approach.

Sonia stuck a slice of banana on top to fancy it up a little, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t pretty…

Funny thing is, it’s Sonias birthday next week and I had been considering cake decorating lessons as a fun gift for her.

Things could have been so different!

It’s a good example of where a little bit of learning and practice would have gone a long way. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but gave it a crack, had some fun, but at the end of the day just created a mess!

The good news is that we remembered Archer is a dog and wouldn’t actually care what it looked like (which was proven true when we gave him a birthday-eve preview pup-cake).

It’s not like when we photographers share a photo out there into the world.

A photo is by definition judged on appearance, so we want it to look it’s best from the get-go.

Achieving this is a journey, but there is a slow lane and there’s a fast lane.

The slow lane is for those who want to go it alone, picking up and piecing together whatever fragments of knowledge they can along the way.

Trying things and experimenting with techniques until they randomly find something that kinda works.

The fast lane is for those who want to make big strides and hit new levels by taking the journey with someone who has travelled that road already.

This is why I created Photo Mastery Club.

Members are experiencing the fast lane right now, with the training and personal coaching from me that helps them bypass the road-blocks that have the slow-laners stuck, wondering which turn to take next.

To hop into the fast lane, click here to join my Photo Mastery Club now.

See you there!