Hey there!

This is the first blog post on my newly-built website, so what better time to let you know a little bit about what’s going on and why I re-built it (from scratch!).

Depending on when you’re reading this post, the website may still be “in progress”, so if something looks half finished or not working, that’s why.


Why am I rebuilding my site?

This past week I launched a brand new service to my Photo Mastery Club members.

This service involves me building, hosting, maintaining and supporting a brand new photography website for any member who wants one.

(I’ll also be training members how to use their website if they’re unfamiliar with the technology, and even providing a done-for-you publishing/updates service too…)

So I figured, if I’m recommending and providing a service to my most loyal customers, then it would be a great idea to actually use that same platform for my own website!

I had a lot of old and irrelevant content on the old version of my site, so rather than migrate it and keep the content, I’ve decided on a fresh start. Hence the empty blog.

What will my new site do?

Because of how I’ve configured the site infrastructure, the first noticeable benefit will be that it’s a lot quicker to load than before. This is partly due to using cheap web hosting before which is just slow, and partly due to me having more control over the configuration of my new hosting server which allows me to tweak and tune the performance.

What else is new?

I’ll be updating my galleries. I may even start blogging regularly again (let’s see about that one).

But the other main change is that I’ll now be offering my photos for sale directly from the site.

If you’re reading this near time of publication, chances are you’re a photographer yourself who came here via an email I sent you… In which case you’re probably not all that interested in buying my photos.

But on the other hand, if you like the idea of selling YOUR photos on your own site, and you want me to build a website for you just like this one, with the ability to sell prints and/or license your photos, then you should strongly consider becoming a Photo Mastery Club member.

Registration only opens every once in a while and there’s usually a waiting list, so if you’re interested then jump on it now.

Ok I think that’s all for now.

Talk soon,